I am Tibor Major, attorney at Law, specializing in Personal Injury Law.

You should call a personal injury lawyer when you or someone you love has suffered physical or mental injuries that have occurred because of someone else’s negligence, wrong doings or strict liability.

Types of cases we handle in our office are:

  • Auto, Motorcycle, Boating, Bicyclist, Pedestrian, Trucking crashes and collisions.
  • Dog Bites
  • Premises Accidents, Trip and Fall
  • Product liability cases
  • Wrongful Death

Many of these injuries and mishaps are covered by liability insurance. It is the insurance companies’ goal to try to pay out as little as possible to you or your loved one and make you go away….………………

This is why you need to call me for aggressive and competent representation. I will make sure that you get the best possible settlement. I like to call myself a consumer lawyer; I am looking out for you, the consumer and help to level out the playing field so that you will get fair and just treatment, especially when you may be permanently injured.

We have been in practice for over 40 years and have superior experience and knowledge of the law in these types of cases and we know how to interact with the insurance companies. We will go to court if necessary and fight for our client and help them recover. The insurance companies know this and they do respect our firm.

Beware of the out to town larger “mills” that will coerce you to take the first offer the insurance company gives them good or bad. Choosing a lawyer is like selecting a puppy. You SHOULD buy from a reputable, experienced breeder NOT from a “puppy-mill”. The “mills” will not go to court for you most of them do not even know where the court house is!

It is also important to choose a local highly experienced firm like ours – we are here, ready and able to go up to the court house to fight for you. I have tried over 100 cases in front of Lake County Jurors – I know this turf. You want me on your side. You will get my personal attention. I will personally return your calls and meet with you in person.