product liability claims Lakeport Unfortunately, we can’t always trust the quality and safety of the products we use and consume. Though American manufacturing laws are among the most stringent on the planet, there are those instances that sometimes result in injury and illness. Defective products are those that were either designed poorly or were manufactured or processed under dangerous or unhealthy means. Whether the manufacturer was neglectful or not, courts often award those who can prove that they were injured because of a faulty or unsafe product. Product liability laws are intended to ensure that consumer goods are designed, manufactured, labeled for use and sold in only the safest manner.

For decades, the law offices of Tibor E. Major has fought for the rights of those injured by defective products. From automotive recall injuries to illnesses caused by contaminated food products, our experience and success in procuring compensation for our clients has been unparalleled in the Lakeport area. We’ve also experienced great success in personal injury claims regarding asbestos damages and other workplace injuries.

Understanding your rights when it comes to product liability claims and personal injury is key to a successful outcome. Tibor E. Major, and his entire team, can help you navigate the complicated world of an injury claim and represent you and your case with unmatched dedication, knowledge and experience. Avoid the pitfalls of product liability by employing the aid of an attorney who specializes in these claims. Please feel free to call us for a full and discreet consultation at 707-263-5441.