premises liability Lakeport Have you slipped, fallen and gotten seriously injured at a location due to the unsafe condition of the premises?  Call us and we will evaluate your case for fee and let you know if you need a lawyer.

Often times the mishap is due to a violation of the building code or violation by employees of the premise’s own rules. We have the experience and know how to litigate these types of cases.

All property owners have an obligation, by law, to upkeep their home, property, and any adjoining sidewalks in a way that prevents injury to pedestrians or visitors. If a property owner fails to perform the required maintenance in order to ensure safety, they are entirely responsible for any injury that occurs to those on their property. Security cameras will often show us what exactly occurred and the cause of the circumstance. If you have been injured on a property that was not your own, and you feel that it was caused due to some negligence on the part of the owner, you may have a personal injury claim.

With Tibor E. Major, you can rest assured that you have experience and knowledge on your side. After more than 40 years of practice as personal injury lawyer, he is able to fully identify all aspects of each case, understanding the qualifications and responsibilities that the property owners are held to by law; as well as where and how they failed to live up to these responsibilities. While injury claims and premise liability can cover a wide variety of cases, we find that they generally consist of:

  • Slip and Fall Injuries
  • Staircase Injuries
  • Electrocution
  • Poorly Maintained Sidewalks
  • Poor Security

As a family owned law firm, we understand that what our clients value most is our efficient response, dedicated service, and honest values. This means that we are always upfront with you about your case, explaining the law, how it affects your case, how we are going to approach the situation and why. With extreme focus and commitment, we work with you from start to finish, are available when needed and intent on attaining the best possible outcome for you.

Contact our Lakeport law office today if you believe that you have a viable injury claim and need a lawyer who specializes in premise liability.