Bicycling is a great sport and gaining in popularity here in Lake County. Due to this we have seen an increase in crashes where vehicles will sideswipe, bump or cut off a bicyclist.  A crash between a bicyclist and a car or other vehicle usually results in serious injuries to the bicyclist. Because pedestrians and bike riders are a fraction of the mass of a vehicle, and are often travelling at a fraction of the speed, the damage from a vehicle-bicycle or vehicle-pedestrian accident can be devastating. Because of this, victims are often forced to undergo serious medical attention, physical therapy, and even surgery, costing upwards of thousands of dollars and dealing a serious blow to their health and lifestyle.

If you have been hit by a car while biking or walking in Lakeport, chances are you will need a personal injury lawyer. Please call us after you have been seen by a doctor and we will advise you – free of charge. With over 42 years of experience with personal injury claims and cases, we have a passionate dedication to our clients who were victims of such accidents. We understand that you need someone on your side who will work with the insurance companies, walk you through the steps toward success and fight for the settlement you deserve.

With many of our cases, we have been able to restore our clients’ financial stability, with compensation for medical bills, wage losses, damaged property, pain and suffering and more. We have represented clients through numerous cases, which include accidents dues to drivers who:

  • Don’t stop at crosswalks
  • Use the bike lane
  • Don’t clear an intersection
  • Turn right on a red
  • Are reckless leaving or driving through a parking lot or garage

Always striving to put the needs of the client first, we work around your schedule. We are available for phone calls or appointments in or out of the office and at all times so that you can rest assured you have a personal injury attorney who is on your side from your first call until you receive your settlement.

Call Tibor E. Major today and see how he can help you with your personal injury claim.