1. What to do in Case You Are in a Motorcycle Accident

    As a personal injury lawyer in Lakeport, we unfortunately hear from far too many people involved in motorcycle accidents. Because of California's relatively mild weather, which provides the opportunity to ride motorcycles all year long, we don't have one single season where accidents spike. We hear of these tragedies all year long; making the need to know what to do in case of an accident even mor…Read More

  2. Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death

    Though we expect our medical facilities to always provide care that is helpful and professional, and expect that those we entrust to that care will be safe under their safekeeping, mistakes do happen. Unfortunately, the medical industry is not infallible and mistakes often have serious, even fatal, repercussions. Though not every misstep is one that causes irreversible damage, those that show neg…Read More

  3. Proving the Elements of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

    When does the death of a loved one become a basis for a lawsuit? When an instance of "unfortunate circumstances" becomes one of neglect or malice, it is often recommended that the family of the deceased speak to a personal injury about filing a wrongful death lawsuit against those liable. But a number of aspects must be proved in order to recover damages when someone has met an unfortunate set of…Read More

  4. What You Need to Know About Strict Liability

    Question: I believe that I've been injured by a product while using it correctly. What do I need to prove in order to be awarded damages? Answer: This is probably the most-asked question we receive as a personal injury law firm serving Lakeport. Many of our clients come to us unsure if they meet the standards for having a personal injury case and are hesitant about beginning the process. But speci…Read More

  5. What You Do After a Car Accident Determines Your Case

    When Virginia first felt the startling jolt of being hit from behind while waiting at a red light, she really expected to feel much worse than she did when she stepped out of her car. Exchanging information with the driver who hit her, she was shaken but otherwise, she would have told you that she was fine. Unfortunately, she did not seek immediate medical attention. Hours later, however, things …Read More

  6. What is a Defective Marketing Claim?

    When it comes to product liability claims, most people would assume that the claim was brought about because of a defective product; one that was injurious because of its manufacturing or flaws within the product. Familiar product liability cases would be food contamination injury claims or automotive recall injuries. But many manufacturers face lawsuits regarding products that are not defective.…Read More

  7. Proving Damages in Product Liability Cases

    Late last year, hundreds of women around the country joined in a class action lawsuit against Wen by Chaz. The basis of the suit was that the company's popular infomercial darling of a hair product, did not increase the health and vitality of user's hair, as so proclaimed, but in fact, caused their hair to fall out in alarming amounts. Though this lawsuit is fairly new, it seems that customer comp…Read More

  8. What You Should Know About Wrongful Death Lawsuits

    When a family member is tragically killed because of someone else's negligence or intentional harm, the law provides the ability to file a lawsuit against those responsible for the wrongful death. Though filing a wrongful death suit does little to relieve the grief of the surviving family members, those negatively effected can seek damages against those who are found to be liable. What determines …Read More

  9. The Importance of Interrogatories & Your Personal Injury Case

    When a personal injury case regarding a slip and fall accident is filed, there are certain steps that both the plaintiff and the defendant will be required to complete. One part of these steps include answering a set of questions written by the other party; referred to as "interrogatories". These questions, written by the defense are part of pretrial discovery, are meant to learn as much about th…Read More

  10. Proving a Premises Liability Injury Case

    Product liability law governs the safe use and conditions of private or personal property, holding the owner responsible for the safety and security of the area within the property's boundaries. Injury cases regarding premises liability laws can stem from nearly any type of property or facility. Inadequate safety equipment, fires, falling items, unsafe building elements and slippery surfaces all f…Read More