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With over 42 years of practice, Tibor E. Major is the personal injury lawyer that diligently fights to get the settlement you deserve. His experience and knowledge has helped hundreds of clients recover millions of settlement dollars, finding justice for each. His expert assistance can be attained by calling our Lakeport law firm at 707-263-5441.

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Educated at some of the best institutions in the United States, Tibor E. Major is continuously dedicated to learning the newest laws, standards and qualifications so that he remains an expert in both personal injury law and criminal law. Serving Lakeport clients for over 42 years, he is recognized for being highly qualified and extremely knowledgable in the field. His approach with every client is to be honest, upfront and compassionate; understanding the nuances of each situation and fighting relentlessly to get what is deserved. We are always available for appointments, and we are proud of our fast response time, so just contact us today and see what we can do for you.

Get Started Here!Most Respected Injury Lawyers in Lake County, CA

Tibor E. Major has been dedicated to his clients, to finding the truth, and to fighting for justice since he graduated with his Master’s degree from the University of Washington in Seattle. Committed to the field of injury law, he attained his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

Where experience meets knowledge,and rigorous dedication meets compassionate care, Tibor E. Major offers the best of both worlds. With over 42 years of experience representing clients like you, as a personal injury lawyer, he understands what it takes to win, and will do everything possible in order to get you the settlement you deserve.

From start to finish, Tibor E. Major is on your side so that you can rest assured knowing that you have one of the most respected personal injury lawyers in Lake County. Contact us today and see how we can help you with your personal injury claim. click here to get started and see how Tibor E. Major can help you.